WAU Uncover Indigenous Round Liveries

Published: 06 June 2024

Car 25 designed by 16-year-old Ava Muir.
WAU Uncover Indigenous Round Liveries

Pictured: Car 25 designed by 16-year-old Ava Muir.

Walkinshaw Andretti United has broken covers to reveal both Indigenous Round liveries Car 2 and Car 25 will run at the Darwin Triple Crown from 14-16 June, designed by Rhonda Sampson and Ava Muir respectively. The Darwin Triple Crown will take place on Larrakia country.

Rhonda Sampson is a proud Kamilaroi woman who lives on Dharawal country in South Western Sydney. Art is central to Rhonda’s cultural identity, and she is passionate about sharing this with all people, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous so they can come together on the journey of understanding Aboriginal culture, stories, and identity.

Ava Muir is a 16-year-old proud Wurundjeri and Arrentre woman, who lives on the traditional lands of the Durag peoples in Syndey’s north. Ava loves connecting with people and her heritage, her art has given her the chance to connect with her ancestors and people as well as the wider community.

The Mobil 1 NTI Racing Ford Mustang GT No. 2 and Mobil 1 Optus Racing Ford Mustang GT No. 25 will feature separate artworks across the event.

Indigenous Round Liveries Revealed

The artwork on Car 2 ‘Under the Stars’ is a visual representation of a commitment to and an ongoing journey towards reconciliation by Truck Assist.

At the centre of the design is the Truck Assist team members who are committed to making a real difference in the community and strengthening relationships with First Nations peoples across the country.

Located in the four corners of the artwork are the four pillars of a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP): Respect, Relationships. Opportunities and Governance. The stars, which are scattered throughout the piece, represent the night sky and Southern Cross and signify people, customers and partners across Australia working together for a safer and more sustainable future.

The artwork titled “Artangentyele akethe durt”, which means together in the open stars, was commissioned by Optus and Mobil 1 to reflect key themes - Optus’ identifiably Australian optimism and positive connections, and Mobil 1’s passion and exhilaration.

At the heart of the design is the sky, the one we all share no matter who are we are or where we are, it keeps us positively connected and together. The handprints throughout the artwork are the handprints of Ava’s friends and family who have supported her passion for her culture and artwork. The Waang (raven) is the protector of the Wurundjeri people seen throughout the design.

The theme of optimism is represented by the three meeting places that signify the journey through life, culminated with the symbol for people, which represents everyone you meet along the way and the positive connections and relationships formed in the search for the ultimate community.

Both cars will hit the track with their updated liveries for the Indigenous round at the Darwin Triple Crown next Friday, June 14, at Hidden Valley Raceway for Practice 1 and qualifying for Race 11.

Ava Muir – Artist Car 25

“Thanks to Optus and WAU, it has been amazing to have the chance to showcase my culture through my car design for the Darwin Triple Crown Indigenous livery.

“I have learnt so much, the process from brief to realisation and all steps in between. It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Everyone I have worked with from OPTUS, Mobil 1 and WAU have been wonderfully supportive. I am so very grateful to both Optus and WAU for the experience. I am so excited to see my design on car 25 and share my story.”

Bruce Stewart – CEO, Walkinshaw Andretti United

“We look forward to the Darwin round each year, it’s a special weekend on the calendar, it’s a great way to celebrate our Indigenous communities.

“A massive thanks goes out to Truck Assist, Optus and Mobil 1 who have provided the artwork to help bring these liveries to life. A big thank you also to all of our partners who have been supportive throughout the entire process.

“It’s great to have Rhonda Sampson back on board this year as the artist for Car 2 and a big welcome to the family to young Ava Muir, both artists have done a fantastic job and I can’t wait to see these cars hit the track next week.”

Jason Kibsgaard, Head of Marketing, NTI

“Darwin is a significant round on the calendar, and we look forward each year to seeing the amazing showcase of indigenous artistic talent on the grid.

“Truck Assist is proud to be in a partnership that uses its platform to acknowledge and celebrate our First Nations people and the contributions to our shared heritage.

“We are thankful to have Rhonda Sampson display her incredible artwork once again for Truck Assist on the No. 2 Ford Performance Mustang.”

Matt Williams, Managing Director of Customer Solutions, Optus

“We are thrilled to have brought proud Wurundjeri and Arrentre woman, Ava Muir, and Walkinshaw Andretti United together for the Indigenous round in Darwin.

“Ava’s design beautifully expresses the essence of connection- to people, Country and what matters most.

“We can’t wait to see the Indigenous livery on the track this weekend. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Ava once more!”

Brad Phillips, General Manager, Business to Business, Ampol

“We’re excited to celebrate First Nations People and culture over the weekend of racing in Darwin. It’s always a round that has a unique capacity to unite people from all across Australia.

“Ava Muir has a done marvellous job incorporating what Mobil 1™ is all about- Passion and Exhilaration. The symbolism and connection to First Nations People is beautifully designed and I love how obviously the artwork has been used as the feature of the car.

“The WAU Team have done fantastic job of respecting the story and meaning of Ava’s artwork when incorporating it onto what we think is the best-looking car on the track.”

About Rhonda Sampson

Rhonda Sampson is a proud Kamilaroi woman who specializes in contemporary Aboriginal artwork. Rhonda has a passion for digital storytelling and is the owner of RS Creative Solutions based in Sydney’s South West. Rhonda specialises in contemporary digital Aboriginal art. From a young age Rhonda was highly influenced by artists such as Albert Namatjira, Sally Morgan and Bronwyn Bancroft as well as her two idols Cathy Freeman and Eddie Mabo. She hopes that her art might also inspire the next generation of Indigenous artists to be proud of their culture.

About Ava Muir

Ava Muir (16) is a proud Wurundjeri and Arrentre woman, who lives on the traditional lands of the Darug peoples in an area of Sydney’s north.

Ava was introduced to Walkinshaw Andretti United via her connections with our partners, Optus. Ava impressed the team at Optus as an entrant in a recent competition, who then approached WAU with the potential opportunity to create the Mobil 1 Optus No. 25 livery for the Darwin Triple Crown round. Ava worked closely with Optus and Mobil 1 to bring her artwork to life, having impressed everyone with her passion for creating and high attention to detail.

Ava has met some amazing people who have helped her learn and grow as an artist, and who have inspired and encouraged her to follow her dreams. Art has enabled Ava to break down barriers - she loves how it can bring people together and connect us positively. Her art gives Ava the chance to connect with her ancestors and people, as well as the wider community by telling her story.