Triton Xtreme Launches

Published: 30 May 2023

Triton Xtreme enters the market.
Triton Xtreme Launches

Pictured: Triton Xtreme enters the market.

Walkinshaw Automotive Group (WAG) is excited to confirm the special edition Triton Xtreme has entered the market, available through select Mitsubishi dealers Australia-wide.

The Triton Xtreme sees the enhancement of the Mitsubishi Triton GSR thanks to a collaboration between Walkinshaw Automotive Group and Supashock, creating a vehicle catered for both on-road and off-road performance. Some of the enhancements include suspension, wheels and tyres, bash plate and light bar, sports bar, and design elements such as fender flares.

The Triton Xtreme’s Supashock suspension enhances an already great package. The four Supashock dampers were focused on improving on-road and off-road capability, while maintaining the towing capacity and GVM, designed to take the customer anywhere.

The suspension package includes a 56m monotube damper with a 20mm rod design featuring a 46mm piston. The front dampers running a remote cannister and the rear running a piggyback system. The valve code was developed for off-road performance whilst retaining on-road drive and handling.

Tuning was conducted to ensure the Xtreme package could maintain the core vehicle’s towing capabilities at a GVM of 2,900kg and a GCM of 5,885kg.

The wheels are a custom designed, 18-inch by 8.5 inch forged aluminium wheel, with a BF Goodridge All Terrain tyre, offering the best of both worlds. They are an extremely capable off-road tyre, without sacrificing on-road performance.

Underbody protection is also covered, with a custom designed bash-plate to protect the vehicle, which comes with an integrated lightbar. Wind tunnel testing was done to validate the cooling performance of the vehicle with the added protection.

Visually, the Xtreme’s wider stance has been created through fender flares and custom styling features to the front bar, while the Xtreme decals were designed off Mitsubishi’s own dynamic shield graphic, which is the shape that runs from underneath the headlight and throughout the front end of the vehicle.

A four-inch, dual tube, branded sports bar has been integrated into the vehicle, not only providing visual enhancement, but also functionality by adding a further tie-down point.

The project was tested and validated by Dakar Rally and Finke Desert Race champion, Toby Price, who got behind the wheel of the Triton Xtreme to share his experience and expertise in the off-road performance of the vehicle.

An anticipated 500 units will be made at Walkinshaw Automotive Group’s manufacturing facility in Clayton, Victoria, available for purchase through select Mitsubishi dealerships Australia-wide, with the first units expected on the road in the second half of 2023.

Ryan Walkinshaw - Walkinshaw Automotive Group

“The Mitsubishi Triton is a great core product, and we’re excited to take it to the next level and create something that is quite unique in the marketplace,” said Walkinshaw.

“Enhancing both on and off-road capability was essential when we undertook this programme, we wanted to ensure the car was right for wherever the customer wanted to go in Australia.

“It was great to have Toby Price behind the wheel of the Triton Xtreme to give advice and test the car, because let’s be honest, who better to validate the off-road and on-road capability than Toby.”

“Combined with the exterior styling and underbody protection, we are really excited to see the Triton Xtreme take to the roads later this year. Not only is it a fantastic looking vehicle with serious presence, but it will be a pleasure to drive on-road and off-road.”