Sunday Debrief: Last to Third for Mostert

Published: 07 November 2021

Chaz started 26th.
Sunday Debrief: Last to Third for Mostert

Pictured: Chaz started 26th.

Race 24

Chaz: 8th
Bryce: 16th
Kurt: 19th

After Chaz and Bryce started third and fourth respectively, they opted to start on the hard tyre, while most in the field started on softs. It was a gamble that unfortunately didn’t pay dividends like last night’s alternate strategy did, so they were up against it.

It was Kurt’s best finish of the weekend, as he drove through the field and up to 19th, much happier with the balance of the car.

Race 25

Chaz: 3rd
Kurt: 21st
Bryce: 22nd

What more can you say about Chaz? Started last due to a penalty in qualifying for (damaged) body work, stayed positive, put his head down, and drove all the way third!

The race was declared with eight-laps to go due to conditions. Before that, Chaz was the fastest car on track nearly every lap, so it would have been interesting to watch that last stage play out.

Bryce had a fantastic start, so good in fact that he got a drive through penalty for jumping the start. That dropped him to the back of the field.

Kurt also got a penalty for contact with Jones, which hurt his run through the field.

Chaz Mostert

“That was a lot of fun, not sure how I got third, I just put my head down and kept chipping away and the car was awesome. We needed that one, so hopefully it gives us some momentum going forward.

“Everyone has worked so hard these last two weeks, and we aren’t done with yet, but it’s nice to add a trophy to the collection tonight that’s for sure, especially from last.

“A big thanks to everyone for their support so far this Sydney swing.”

Bryce Fullwood

“I thought I was on for a big one heading into turn 1 that’s for sure! Obviously went a bit early which cost me a drive through and there was no coming back from that.

“We had some ups and downs this weekend, stoked to get my best ever qualifying with fourth for race 1, and I think the car in the wet was good tonight, just didn’t get the chance to show it.

“We will keep chipping away at it this week, thanks to everyone for their support.”

Kurt Kostecki

“Race 1 today I think was a lot better, we made some positive changes in the car overnight and I felt a lot more comfortable.

“Disappointing to get the penalty in race 2, which hurt, but overall, I’ve loved these three wildcards with the team. I can’t thank them enough for having me and the work that’s gone into it each weekend.”