Sunday Debrief: Mostert Podiums Again in Townsville

Published: 30 August 2020

Mostert made it two podiums across the weekend.
Sunday Debrief: Mostert Podiums Again in Townsville

Pictured: Mostert made it two podiums across the weekend.

Week one of our Townsville double-header is a wrap, with Chaz Mostert landing his second podium of the weekend.

We are back around the streets of Townsville next weekend for another three races.

Qualifying Race 20

Chaz 2nd, Bryce 16th

Qualifying Race 21

Chaz 10th, Bryce 12th

The highlight came in the first session, with Chaz putting the Mobil 1™ Appliances Online No. 25 on the front row for race 20.

The second session became a little trickier, thanks to light rain falling on the windscreen while both cars were doing their laps. We opted to go early, in case the rain got heavier, but those who waited had luck on their side, with the drizzle stopping.

Race 20

Chaz 2nd, Bryce 19th

Chaz slotted in to second off the line, behind Whincup, as they put a comfortable gap on the rest of the field.

Both cars went the longer game today. Chaz stopped mid-race, and Whincup covered a lap later. Mostert had to clear Waters and Courtney after the stop, which he did, but couldn’t get the gap below the three-second mark to the leader, crossing the line in second.

For Bryce, he had a tough race in the pack, struggling for clear air early, and car balance late.

Race 21

Bryce 12th, Chaz 24th

It was a solid end to the weekend for Bryce, who put his elbows up in the closing stages to hold cars off behind who had fresh tyres.

He stopped mid-race, which moved him up the order, and then fought to the flag in the Mobil 1™ Middy’s Racing No. 25.

A good weekend ended on a disappointing note for Chaz. On his out lap after the first stop, he got a flat right rear tyre, which forced him straight back into the lane for a second stop. That dropped him down to 24th, where he would circulate until the end.

Chaz Mostert

“Plenty of ups, and one down today, that flat tyre in the last race was a real shame.

“We had two ripper races though, it was amazing to have such a fast, competitive car, which was quick from the word go.

“We’ve got plenty of tuning to do during the week to continue to close that gap like we have been, which is exciting.

“We are all keen to keep the ball rolling now, and get more of these results right through until the end of the year.”

Bryce Fullwood

“Really good round I think for me. We made the shootout, finished eighth in the first race, and had a solid last race.

“That second race was pretty tough, we made some changes which hurt it a bit, but we went the other way for race three and the car was much better.

“Really happy to convert some speed into results across the weekend, but also find some direction there at the end of the day.

“We will go through everything this weekend, and do it all again next weekend!”