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A force to be reckoned with.

Walkinshaw, Australia’s leading producer of automotive performance cars, has teamed up with Volkswagen to create a ute for the driver that likes to forge their own path. It’s both powerful and dynamic, with bold and aggressive styling.

The partnership sees the Volkswagen brand once again producing vehicles from its ancestral Australian home of Clayton, the site of the original Volkswagen assembly plant from 1953, and current home to Walkinshaw Automotive Group.

The Volkswagen product seems to lend itself to a very high performance, GT-image. You’ve got that terrific V6 diesel engine with class-leading torque; and it really does deserve a performance flagship in the range.

Julian Quincey

Chief Designer

35+ Years Automotive/Design Experience

As the originators of the performance ute category, we looked no further than Walkinshaw.

Engineering: Volkswagen Amarok W580

Follow the journey we took to engineer the mighty Amarok W580.

Amarok W580


Rule the road.

Set to rule the road, its dynamic performance is seen up front in the raised spring platform and a new, larger shock absorber tuned by the Walkinshaw chassis engineers for a more focused and direct handling experience.

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