Designed for the road ahead.

New Age Caravans have always been future focused.

New Age Caravans started life back in 2004 as New Age Frames and Designs with a view to providing a number of high-profile caravan manufacturers with a higher standard of structural framing and CNC fabricated componentry. Our passion and expertise quickly saw us grow into a key supplier to Australia’s prime caravan manufacturing hub in Campbellfield, Victoria. With a reputation for quality, a highly skilled workforce and excellent manufacturing processes in place, we then switched our focus from supplying the industry with frames and parts to building our own caravans, and in 2008 New Age Caravans was born. With our eyes firmly fixed on the future and with a strong desire to bring something better to the market, we built caravans that were credited with revolutionising the Australian caravan industry. Instead of sticking with the wooden and rustic interiors built by other caravan manufacturers, we designed caravans with modern, apartment style interiors.

Our innovative designs were an overwhelming success, so much so that other manufacturers were forced to change the way they built their caravans and follow our lead. Since then, our commitment to creating designs that break new ground and set new standards has seen us grow into a leading brand synonymous with quality and innovation. In 2009 we manufactured 5 caravans a week, today we are making over 2000 a year. And while the last 10 years have been a period of rapid growth, our focus on bringing something better to the caravan market has never wavered. Along the way we have won many awards for product design, manufacturing, business operation and community work.

Our strong desire to help shape the future of the caravan industry has also seen us appointed to the board of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria. Of course, when you’re future focused you never rest on your laurels.

We have access to facilities, technology and expertise that are unmatched in the caravan industry. A seven-post rig that can replicate 1000km of rough durability testing in minutes, a dedicated clay modelling studio for conceptual and prototype design work, roboticwelded chassis operation and access to a proving ground for unsurpassed rough track testing are but a few of the things we now have at our disposal to help us design the next generation of New Age Caravans.

New Age Caravans is perfectly positioned to make the future of caravanning more exciting and rewarding than ever before.

New Age Caravans recreational vehicles covers everything from camper trailers, family bunk vans through to top end luxury ranges.

New Age Caravans manufactures a complete range of recreational vehicles for the Australian and New Zealand market. The New Age Caravans range of recreational vehicles are ably supported by a dedicated network of 16 Dealerships and service outlets strategically located across Australia and New Zealand, offering aftersales service and support.

New Age Caravans manufacturing base is in Epping Victoria, which is located in the prime hub of caravan manufacturing in Australia and employs over 160 staff.

A company that likes to flaunt new ideas, it introduced contemporary apartment design into caravan production. New Age Caravans still manages to exude a cutting edge flair that positions it a step in front.


New Age Caravans state of the art facility is the driving force behind our success. The facility incorporates the latest in technological advances and enables the 130+ workers on the factory floor the ability to be passionate about their work and let their creativity shine in our R&D area. Every stage of the building process has been planned and pre-determined to ensure the highest standard of quality and efficiency of build incorporating international manufacturing principles to deliver the highest quality finished product.

Using these unique production methods and distinctive designs all New Age Caravans are built to Australian standards ensuring they are compatible with the various conditions and terrains in Australia. Our team work had to continually make changes and develop prototypes, adapting new materials and concepts in accordance with the needs of various environments. This market leading approach ensures that New Age customers are the first to receive the benefits of developments in the caravan industry.

With design, planning and build right through to quality control being conducted on site customers are assured that the New Age Caravans team has all production bases well and truly covered.