Automotive passion, hardwired.

Walkinshaw Engineering

Walkinshaw Group Engineering has a long-standing history based in motorsport and performance road going vehicles.

Over the years this has diversified into the realms of off-road vehicles, performance light commercial vehicles, full size commercial vehicle remanufacturing and caravans.

Our team of 65 across engineering, CAD and fabrication also support external services. These services cover (but are not limited to) simulated structural testing utilising FEA, structural component testing in our fully equipped structures lab and ground up design, development, and validation of all automotive components across mechanical, electrical and software systems.

We have a core group of experts who specialise in all disciplines across the automotive component spectrum. Their experience brings innovative solutions to complex problems and a “never say die” attitude when tasked to deliver on tight deadlines.

Our expertise in design, simulated testing and physical testing to worlds best practices is unmatched in the southern hemisphere.

Our engineers share a passion for automotive engineering. They love what they do and it shows in their work. Their passion is something you can’t learn – it’s hardwired.

Trevor Barallon

Chief Engineer

30+ Years Automotive Experience

Body Component Design

In this area we can take a concept from sketch to a production ready part. The 2 pathways are 1) sketch, scale clay, full size clay and tool, or 2) sketch, full size 3D print and tool.

Our validation in house test capability covers environmental chamber, vibration mast testing, and paint adhesion.

Sheetmetal & Stamped Body Panels

An expertise is driven by our in-country remanufacturing stamped panels. Our panels are tested via FEA at a design level then physically tested in our structures lab once off tool parts are available. This is particularly important in the development of panels that support components such as steering intermediate shafts, IP beam structures and pedal assemblies.


HVAC design, development and testing are all captured in house. Typically, HVAC systems have been developed as part of our remanufactured vehicle programs. CFD is used to ensure that airflow is matched withing 5% of the donor vehicle. Airflow, temperature, and condensate management are amongst the areas of expertise. System are tested virtually then prototypes are run through their paces on Walkinshaw Group’s HVAC rig enabling full “in-vehicle” simulation and physical testing in a controlled environment.

IP & Interior Trim

Walkinshaw Group interior components development capability is a strength that has grown over the years. Component development has varied from smaller individual injection moulded trim panels all the way through to full Instrument panels including airbag deployment development and testing.

IP beam development ensures ECE best practice or OEM specified pedal spread across the foot well. In house Pedal load testing is done to test systems to end of life.

Internal Combustion Engines

Walkinshaw Group has a colourful history in the performance vehicle sector. We have played in areas of performance upfit induction systems, engine controller calibration, transmission shift calibration, total powertrain transplant, and in-country emissions compliance calibration.

Electric Vehicle

We are excited by the prospect of electrification. We have worked at the planning and prototyping phase in e-turbo, e-axle, mild hybrid, full hybrid, and full electrification on various programs.


Our chassis expertise and credentials speak for themselves. Based on a motor sport foundation Walkinshaw Group have extensive knowledge and over 30 years of experience in suspensions systems ranging from active suspension right through to performance tuned passive units and everything in between. We have in house damper dyno’s facilities for component level development. For full vehicle chassis development Walkinshaw Group have the only 7 post hydraulic full vehicle shaker rig in the southern hemisphere.


As part of our remanufactured programs Walkinshaw Group have developed multiple steering systems to conform with Australian road going conditions. Our structures lab and rotary load actuators give us test to “end of life” capability to ensure the most durable solution.


Walkinshaw Group have developed an expertise in designing ADR compliant towing systems for light and medium goods carrying vehicle categories. Walkinshaw Group’s FEA capability allows simulated components testing prior to physical hydraulic rig testing to meet stringent ADR compliance regulations.

Wiring harnesses

Walkinshaw Group has built on many years of experience around wire harness design. Harnesses are designed to comply with OE clearance, routing, and proximity criteria in mind. Point to point circuit routing is performed with to ensure the most stringent ECM compliance is met while ensuring bend radii meet world’s best practice. Once in production all harnesses are bench tested for point to point circuit accuracy.


Walkinshaw Group has developed many lighting systems including DRLs, Tail lamps and fog lamps. We also have extensive experience in developing lighting to meet in country regulatory requirement whether it be beam pattern changes, lamp function or automated lamp adjustability.

Vehicle Integration Systems

With ever increasing complexity in electrical systems in the automotive environment Walkinshaw Group has built world class expertise in serial data management and manipulation. Our engineers have developed a diverse knowledge base across many serial data protocols.


Australian conditions are recognised by OEM’s as some of the toughest in the world. Walkinshaw Group have developed world’s best practice automotive design validation (ADV) procedures that deliver ultimate durability and reliability to the customer.

ADV plans are developed to endure that simulated, physical component level and vehicle level testing are strategically timed to ensure that learnings are carried into subsequent phases of development.

Walkinshaw Group’s Simulated, component level and full vehicle level test facilities are state of the art. Our in-house structures lab houses a full vehicle shaker rig. This shaker rig can be used for vibration testing of individual components all the way up to sub-assemblies and full vehicle vibration testing. This is accompanied by our load test rig. It is capable of running up to 135KN through individual components or subassemblies via any load path at millions of cycles to end of life.

Re-Engineering: Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Come for a tour of our engineering headquarters with Walkinshaw Group Chief Engineer, Trevor Barallon, as he talks through developments made to make the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 suitable for Australian and New Zealand markets.