“In-country” full volume compliance.

Walkinshaw Certification

With many years in the field of second stage manufacturing Walkinshaw Group has built up a strong knowledge for meeting “in-country” full volume compliance.

Accompanied by in-house seat and seat belt anchorage test facilities Walkinshaw Group have also gathered regulatory expertise in the areas of crash testing, ESC and brake testing, in-country emissions compliance, towing systems, lighting layout and function, caravan chassis systems FEA analysis, speedometer testing, noise testing and general safety systems.

Our in-country certification capability is supported by years of experience, in-house expertise and on-site regulatory test facilities.

Trevor Barallon

Chief Engineer

30+ Years Automotive Experience

Seat Anchorage Testing

Walkinshaw Group perform seat anchorage testing on all our in country certified vehicles. All seat and seat belt anchorage points must be tested for deflection under load to government regulations. Our anchorage test facility meets all regulatory requirements for this type of testing and compliments the suite of Walkinshaw Group equipment used for structural testing of safety critical systems.

4 Post Rig

Replicate real world environments in accelerated testing.

Take an inside look at Walkinshaw's 4 point testing machine.